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Bilstein SNS2-BV Dirt Mod Package

Bilstein SNS2-BV Dirt Mod Package

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Package Description:

Bilstein SNS2 base valve dirt modified shock package. Base valve shocks allow for lower gas pressure, which reduces rod force and improves grip.

Package includes LF, RF, LR, RR, and can include a pullbar or 5th coil shock. All shocks are custom valved based on chassis brand, suspension type, track type, and customer preference. After purchase you will be contacted to gather necessary info for your application. Shocks available with schrader valve or IMCA style fill port.

All new shock sets come with 1-year free dyno service.

Features & benefits:

  • Base Valve technology allows ultra low rod pressures to eliminate gas preload and increase BILSTEIN's famous fade free performance. Provides superior grip on slick tracks and supplies "in the track" feel
  • 46mm extruded steel body with ultra smooth ID finish provides superior fitment tolerances with the large 46mm working piston design for precise fluid control
  • 14mm case hardened stainless steel chrome shaft that provides low seal drag/ friction and resists stone chips and dings
  • Monotube design with free floating divider piston maximizes heat transfer and dissipation to avoid fading and cavitation while delivering excellent durability
  • 1/2" graphite heims provides superior rotation with minimal restriction and fits most mounting requirements
  • Big Bulb design to increase nitrogen chamber capacity to achieve ultra-low rod pressures
  • Made in the USA


  • 7" Shocks:
    • Extended Length: 19.16"
    • Collapsed Length: 13.35"
  • 9" Shocks
    • Extended Length: 23.79"
    • Collapsed Length: 15.87"
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